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Updated: Jan 4, 2019

Happy 2019 everyone!

In our post from Christmas, we promised to share our plan after getting funded, and here we are.

Everyone needs some music in life, and so does Hoa. It is time to bring some beautiful notes into the scenes - we are LOOKING FOR A KICK-ASS COMPOSER!!!



Since we shared our first footage a few months ago, we have been very fortunate to hear from a lot of talented composers about a potential collaboration. Thank you for your interest and support. Unfortunately we can only choose one composer to work with, which is why we have decided to hold a small audition. Composers who are interested, please kindly send an email to, with following information inside:

  • Your professional information (Your name, link to your website/portfolio)

  • Your rate (it can be per track, per minute, or any format you prefer)

  • 2 samples of how you envision the music of Hoa will be (Your sample will not be disclosed without your permission, and will be used solely for evaluating purpose). Please refer to the SAMPLES section below for some directions.



Hoa is a platformer that put high emphasis on the aesthetics and ambiance of the game’s world. The first few levels feature peaceful, relaxed environment that will put players’ mind at ease as they explore the world of Hoa. As the story unfolds, the atmosphere will get more tensed and dramatic, and so does the music. Therefore, we would like to hear your take on two different briefs:

Piece 1: Peaceful, relaxing, meditative

Context: The main character is in a forest. She is walking and jumping around, sprinkling magic, making plants grows, bringing life to everything. You can refer to any images or footages we have here for reference. This score should be peaceful, minimal, and blend very well with the ambient sounds of the environment. There should be moments of silence in the score to let ambient sounds take the stage.

Piece 2: Tensed, dramatic

Context: The main character is being chased. Unseen enemies patrol around, and the mission is to stealthily get through the level without being seen. This score should evoke the feeling of being threatened and the fear of the unknown inside players, prompting them to be cautious in every action they take.



Since Ghibli is a major source of inspiration for us, Joe Hisaishi is of course the biggest name in our list of reference. Pieces like Ashitaka and San (from “Princess Mononoke”) and The Name of Life (from “Spirited Away”) are good to look at. Journey is also a good reference from the masterful way they blended together background music and ambient sounds.


Deadline: January 28, 2019.

The result will be out on Thursday, January 31, 2019.

We cannot wait to hear from you, and regardless of the results, we are really thankful for your efforts and interests.

That's it for now. Thank you everyone, we'll talk soon :)

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jake carvey
jake carvey
٠٦ سبتمبر ٢٠١٩

Did you ever find a composer? I can fully recommend the great Justin Lassen!

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