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Friends of Hoa, chapter 1: Kyx Studio

Hi there,

Merry Christmas and Happy new year!

2020 has been a tough ride for everyone and Hoa is no exception, but amidst chaos and uncertainty, our little fairy perseveres, reminding us to always be kind, to be there for our friends, to pass on positive energy, and to show gratitude whenever we can.

Since there is no better time than this festive season to be reminded of the people who are dear to us, we are starting a new series of blog posts sharing about and showing our appreciation to the many talented people that we have been lucky to meet and work with along this journey, without whom it would be a lot harder, if not impossible, to get this far doing what we do.

In this first issue, we would like to talk about our dear friend and partner - Kyx Studio.

In late 2019, we came back to Vietnam with many difficulties and still the ambitious scope of Hoa with us. We were extremely lucky then to have found great crewmates at Kyx with whom we clicked immediately. Not only did we find a group of like-minded talents to work with, bringing Hoa closer everyday to the game we have always envisioned, but we made new friends whom we could share and connect with not only in work but also in life. It has been an awesome journey of friendship and collaboration. Together we have learned a lot, and it sure feels good to keep growing everyday.

Kyx reminds us of the Straw Hat Pirates in the famous manga One Piece. With just a compact crew of close to 20 talented artists, engineers, executives, dogs and cats, they managed to do things that put everyone at awe. Plus they are super fun to be with - the best companion we could ask for!

Here is their facebook in case you want to make friends :)

Until the next episode: take care, have a lovely holiday, and we’ll see you around! ^^

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2 komentarze

Pierre KB
Pierre KB
10 maj 2021

Amazing job with the game. Can't wait for the release.


Ludovic Pirolley
Ludovic Pirolley
10 mar 2021

I just saw the trailer of Hoa on Youtube (@ Clemmy's Best Indie Games) and was really suprised by the Ghibli vibe either with the graphics arts and on the score used for the trailer. As someone who came to Vietnam recently, I find interesting to see a indie game produced locally by local talents (If I understood correctly). I wish you all the best with Hoa and will wait for the release.

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